Thindlu, Vidyaranyapura Post, Bengaluru


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Location: Thindlu, Vidyaranyapura Post, Bengaluru

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About Temple
Established Established on 5 May 1981
Other Deities: Sri Chamudeshwari Devi
Sri Bhoganandeshwara Swamy
Thrinethra Maha Shakthi Ganapathi
Pavamana Puthra Sri Anjenya Swamy
Sri Subramanya Swamy
Sri Durga Parameshwari Devi
Matha Chaya Devi
Aditya Navagraha Devathgalu
Address Thindlu, Vidyaranyapura Post, Bangalore – 560 097
Priest N. Kempanna Appaji
Contact Pradana Archakaru N. Kempanna Appaji – +91 9880031836
Bus Route Nos. Market, Majestic 288,
Shivajinagar 288E,
314 alight at Thindlu
Majestic 276,
Shivajinagar 276A,
Vijayanagar 401B,
K.R. alight at Nanjappa Circle
Temple Visiting Hours
9-00 A.M. to 1-00 P.M.
4-00 P.M. to 9-00 P.M.
1. Sudarshana Homa
2. Navagraha Homa
3. Ganapathi Homa
4. Chandika Homa
5. Prantijayara Homa
1. Navagraha Shanthi
2. Tilaabhisheka
3. Panchabhisheka
4. Rudraabhisheka
1. Huvina Alankara
2. Vastra Alankara
3. Balikavachadarani Alankara
Temple is managed & maintained by N. Sri Kempanna Appaji, born as Oldest Son among 7 Children to Smt & Sri.
In early childhood Sri Kempanna bought a picture of swami and started offering pooja at home. On the other side overall improvement exhibited as pooja was offered.


During the year 1966, Sri Kempannavaru was fortunate enough to comprehend from the dream in which Swami appeared. In dream swami asked for dedication towards him & establish temple in the said place for regular seva. Later on, a suitable place for temple was selected and purchased for the establishment of temple. Temple which was started as a small temple has grown to stand tall for this day’s seva.

Devotees who come in search of swami for devotion & dedication, are offered food & shelter. Also devotees may come to offer seva and get their wishes fulfilled.

Every Amavasya, Prantijayara Homa is performed with gathering around 150 to 200 people. Devotees who come for solutions for effects of evil energies and spirits. Swami offers solutions to devotees who place their eternal belief on him. Temple is not under any trust or organisation, money is not collected in the name of seva tickets, archane tickets, and abisheka. Devotees have option to offer pooja items instead of money or even just come to swami with devotion, for nothing is expected from devotees. Abisheka is offered to all gods in the temple every day.

During the last week of November every year, 5 days of Jathre is celebrated in the name of Swami. As a very special guest, Nagasarpa (King Cobra) visits the temple as a sign of beginning for the occasion to Jathre. Jathre will be celebrated with Utsava, around 6,000 people gather for the celebration. Dharmika programs are performed in the temple amongst special invitees. Special invitees are felicitated in recognition of their dedication towards the temple. People from all religion, celebrities & people from all walks of life visit temple to offer seva to swami.

Every Saturday, as the day itself is auspicious for swami, special pooja is offered from morning till evening. Also pooja is performed on all Saturdays & Sundays. Devotees visit temple to offer seva and get rid of physical ailment & mental sufferings. Devotees have contributed for the welfare of the temple & its growth.

Sri Kempannavaru served in government sector from 19 November 1977. Income earned from the job has been offered to the service of swami. With swami’s command & with blessing of parents this temple was established. There is library & meditation hall in the temple premises.


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