Sahakaranagar, Bengaluru


ID: #284
God/Goddess: Ganesha
Category: Temple
Location: Sahakaranagar, Bengaluru

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About Temple
Established Established in 1996
Main Deity Balamuri Sri Siddivinayaka
Other Deities: Sri Sada Shiva Swamy
Sri Banashankari Amma
Lord Venkateshwara Swamy
Sri Padmavathi Amma
Lord Nagappa
Lord Shiva
Contact No. +91 9187159188
Special Occasions in the Temple
1. Makara Sankrathi Other Programs
2. Shiva Rathri Daily Pooja & Every Month
3. Ugadi Archane
4. Rama Navami Nithya Pooja
5. Ganeshotsava Sathya Narayana Pooja
6. Nava Rathri Sankasta Pooja
7. Deepavali Prodosha Pooja
8. Laksha Deepotsava Bhajan
9. Vaikunta Ekadashi Cultural Programs
10. Geetha Jayanthi Lalitha Sahasranama
11. Girija Kalyana Vishnu Sahasranama
12. Srinivasa Kalyana Vishesha Alankara & Pooja
13. Banahunnimaye Prasada distribution
On 4-10-2014 Saturday
On 04-10-2014 Saturday from 7-00 a.m to 8-30 a.m “Abhyanjana Snana” to Devi Sri Banashankar Seva Contribution : Rs. 101-00 Prasadam & Kalasa will be given tothe Sevakarthas from the Temple Samithi Chandi Havana will be performed at 10-30 a.m Mahamangalarathi at 12-30 p.m, Seva Contribution : Rs. 251-00 Prasadam & Vastras will be given to the Sevakarthas from the Temple Samithi “Prakarothsava” of Devi Sri Banashankari Will be performed at 8-00 p.m. Seva Contribution : Rs. 201-00 Prasadam & Vastras will be given to the Sevakarthas from the Temple Samithi
As usual this year also, it has been decided to celebrate “Sharannvarathri Mahotsava” from 25-09-2014 to 04-10-2014. During these days various special poojas and Alankaras are arranged. You are requested to make it convenient to attend the function with your family, friends and relatives and make it a grand success. The devotees desiring to contribute either by cash or in kind for various Pooja, Alankaras, Chandi Havana, Sahasra Kumkumarchane, Abhyanjana Snana & Prakarotsava, are requested to give your contributions to the manager at temple premises & Obtain receipit.
On 4-10-2014 Saturday Vijayadashami “Special Flower Alankaras and Special Poojas” will be arranged for all God’s
Date Day Alankara Seva Contribution Prasada Seva Contribution
25-09-2014 Thursday Turmeric Kumkum Alankara 1001 501
26-09-2014 Friday Vajrangi Alankara 1501 501
27-09-2014 Saturday Navadhanya Alankara 1501 501
28-09-2014 Sunday Grapes & Dryfruits Alankara 2001 501
29-09-2014 Monday Kailasaparvatha Alankara 2001 501
30-09-2014 Tuesday Mahalakshmi Alankara 1001 501
01-10-2014 Wednesday Saraswathi Devi Alankara 1001 501
02-10-2014 Thursday Santhana Lakshmi Alankara 1001 501
03-10-2014 Friday Shakambhari Alankara 3001 501
04-10-2014 Saturday Puspamahishasuramaradini Alankara 2001 501
Sahakarnagar Layout is known for its scenic garden space & clean area. This layout was laid by North Bellary Side Road, Ministry of Communication Employees Housing Society with special & high hopes. Occupants of this layout are usually Employees of Postal & BSNL employees. Located towards North of GKVK College filled with greenery and towards South of Hebbal Lake which is pollution-free & various facilitates for residential purpose.
It is incredible to find the layout mostly surrounded with lovely gardens, schools, good roads & fresh environment. Each road is covered with greenery footpath and well known for this in Bangalore. Our thanks to the governing authority of area for garbage management is also State-Level Role Model. 20 years ago this place was an agricultural land and thorny roads. During 1991-1992 layout was planned & developed for residential purpose. Along with the development work, like-minded resident friends gathered to establish temple. There was a small temple in the current location of the temple was found suitable for construction of temple.

Sri. B M Devarajappa the temple president had gone on visit to Malai Mahadeshwara Hill and found a small temple of Sri Balamuri Vinayaka. He made up his mind to construct Sri Balamuri Siddhi Vinayaka Temple. From there on like-minded friends gathered to fulfill the wish of constructing temple. Initially started in a small garbagudi with regular Pooja, Bhajans and Celebration of festivals.

In the year 1996 on the special occasion of Ganesh Chathurthi, the temple was inaugurated with grand celebration & establishment of Lord Ganesha’s idol. This was dream-come-true feeling for the friends who began this divine task of constructing temple. Thereon festive celebration started on regular basis in Sahakarnagar. However, small temple was not sufficient to gather the huge crowd. Post 1997 as & when the area developed so was the development of temple. Then a committee was formed with trustees for further development of temple to accommodate large crowd of devotees. Large hearted residents of Sahakarnagar donated for good cause of construction of temple.

Today’s huge & well established temple is the center of attraction in Sahakarnagar. Main Deity in the temple is Lord Sri Siddhi Vinayaka along with other deities such as Sri Sada Shiva Swamy, Sri Banashankari Amma, and Lord Venkateshwara Swamy with Sri Padmavathi Amma, Navagrahas and Lord Nagappa. We could also see the huge 27 feet Idol of Lord Shiva is the highlight of the temple.

Temple is surrounded with lovely fountains beside the temple and a huge hall to distribute Prasada, on the left side of the temple you can see a small pond. Ornamental garden in front of the temple, Parking facilities and wash rooms etc. And a space for gathering & discussion which could facilitate a positive environment for a civilized society.

The Youth Organisation of Saharkar organizes the Ganesh Chaturthi celebration during the festival in the temple which is flabbergasting every year. Apart from Ganesha Festival we could also experience the divine celebration of festivals in the temple. Other special occasions and poojas in the temple such as Shivarathri Pooja to Lord Sada Shiva Swamy, Girija Kalyana, Vaikunta Ekadashi Pooja to Lord Venkateshwara and Padmavathi Amma, Banahunnime Pooja to Goddess Banashankari Amma, also Navagraha Pooja, the cultural events in Dhyana Mandir, Geetha Jayanthi, Yoga Classes and Meditation classes etc.

Devotees are also allowed to celebrate other private functions in the hall. More than 10,000 people will visit for varieties of celebrations across the year in this temple like Ganesh festival, Navarathri Celebrations, Vaikunta Ekadashi, New Year day, Ugadi festival and Laksha Deeposthava and pray for their wellness here.

There is a common belief that all prayers are heard by the kind Lord of this sacred temple. Highly disciplined environment, cleanliness of the temple will definitely raise a devotional feeling in every mind, also this positive energy attracts mankind for their presence. All the programs conducted by temple authority here are the favorites of residents in and around. We take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who have been so helpful in the construction for the temple.


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