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About Temple
Established 2000 Year’s Old
Main Deity Sri Dharbaranyeshwrar
Other Deities Goddes Pranambika
Address The Executive Officer: Sri Dharbaranyeshwara swamy Temple, Sri Shaneeswara Bhagawan Sthalam, Thirunallar – P O – 609 607, Karaikal, Pondicherry State
Phone 04368 – 236530, 236504
River/Kalyani Arasalaru and Noolaru
Anna Dana Only on Saturday
Direction – Route Map 5 Kms from Karaikal
Boarding & Lodging Temple VIP Cottage
Nearby places to Visit Navagraha Temples
Nearby Hospital Government Hospital
Transportation R T C Buses
Food & Refreshment Hotel Moon Park
Navagraha Homam
6 times pooja daily
Special Alankara only on Shani Payerchi (Transit from one house to other)
Shani Dosha
Parihara to Lord Saturn

According to Hindu Purana’s ,Veda’s and shastra’s , Lord Brahma and many of our Rushi’s ,munni’s ,sadus and sages worshipped Lord Siva through penance for years in this forest of Kusa grass (Darbam) and being by called by all as Darbaranyam in Sanskrit ( means forest of kusa grass). Lord Shiva pleased by there penance /Bhakti appeared before them and gave dharsan.

He took the form of the Lingam to give eternal darshan for ever on there pleading to bless them . Hence Lord Parameswara is named as Dharbaranyeshwarar and also being called as Adhimoorthy or Nallarar. Later Brahma asked the divine sculptor’s and sages to build a temple in this sacred place and named it as Adhipuri.

Tirunallar temple was known as Adipuri in the Krita Yuga; in the Treta Yuga it was known as Darbharanyam; in Dwapara Yuga it was known as Vedapuri and in the Kali Yuga it is known as Naleswaram.

Here Lord himself took the form of Lingam ( Swayambu )to give darshan. It is stated that the Lingam even now has impressions left by the Dharba (Kusa grass ) weeds within which it was situated.

This place is now called and identified by the name THIRUNALLARU, after the Great King of Nishada Sri Nala Maharaja was enlightened from the effects of Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan thru the Lord Dharbaranyeshwarar. The word “Aru” also conveys the meaning “to heel”. This place is situated in the midst of two rivers in the north i.e. Noolaru and Vanchiaru and one in the south, Arasalaru. The great Saivite saints ( who worship Lord Shiva ) Thirugnanasambhandar, Sundaramurthy Swamigal, Thirunavukkarasar and Arunagirinadhar have worshipped at this shrine and sung Lord’s glory in Tamil.

It is unique glory of the Tirunallar temple that it possesses the Pacchai Padigam which occupies a pride of place in the history of the Hindu Saivite Tamil hymnal literature which maintained its evergreen freshness and remained absolutely unconsumed by the fierce flames of fire. The glory of the saivism which to this day is as green as it was before it was subjected to the fire ordear. This padigam extols the virtues of the Lord and begins with the opening line Bhogamartha Poon Mulayal a pecan to Lord Dharbaranyeswarar. Bhogamartha Poon Mulayal is also called by name Praneshwari as she gave life (Prana) or rebirth to Saivism.

Here we all get the opportunity to worship the Marakatha [emerald] lingam known as Navagavidanga which is the second out of the seven images gifted by Celestial King Indra to a Chola King Musukunda. Hence, this place also came to be known as “Navavidangapuram”.

To ward of our sins and get purified several sacred ponds have been constructed by our sages and are considered to be highly sanctified. These are named after our Almighties “Vani Theertham”, “Hamsa Theertham”, “Agasthya Theertham”, “Nala Theertham” and “Brahma Theertham”.It is belived people have to take holy dip in these ponds before they have the darsan of Lord Saturn & Lord shiva.

The unique feather of this place is that Balipita it is not facing the sanctum directly but is a little away from the line of the usual position in the temple.

The Sthala Vriksha here is the Dharba Plant (Kusha Grass).


Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan been feared for centuries and considered to be a negative plant bringing evil effects on the human beings. The superficial reading is that he brings all sorts of calamities. But it is not so if you really speak or look at the human beings He/she who have passed the period of Lord Saturn for 7.5 years, He/she will be a changed human beings with more humbleness and respect to wards life and others, completely purified and enlightened. Etc

In fact, he brings dissatisfaction and a desire for change. He simply tends to bring us the results of our actions, for better and can also bring rewards. If you have no loose ends in your life, he will have nothing to chop off, but there are always strings attached: hard work, effort, and discipline.

He is called the Celestial Taskmaster, for it teaches us the lessons we must learn in life. In the grand plan of the universe, He does not give us more than we can handle. Under His influence we achieve by overcoming obstacles and hardship. Sometimes the effort itself is the reward, for effort is what builds character. In the end, what we learn under His influence we keep for the rest of our lives.

He is the Lord of responsibility, and symbolizes the ethic of hard work. Under His influence a person’s character is strengthened through trial and difficulty. It has been said that He disciplines us until we can learn to discipline ourselves. His effect is to delay rewards until they are earned. He is for courage, steadfastness and integrity. Many people shrink from accepting its burdens, but He is not to be feared. If you look into your past, you will probably see that you have achieved lasting strength and satisfaction from triumphing over obstacles.

When one mentions the name Thirunallar, the temple that comes to one’s mind is that of Shaneeswara or Sanaischara (one who moves slowly), the holiest shrine of Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan though he is not the presiding deity there. Housed in a sub-shrine near the inner tower known as `Kattai Gopuram’ in the Dharbaranyeswara Swamy temple there, he faces east with `Abhaya Varada Hastham’ and here He is considered as the `Anugraha Murthi’ (one who bestows good things).

Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan temple of Sri Dharbarenyeswaraswamy Devasthanam attracts devotees not only from India but also from other Countries. This temple is unique in its kind and is the only temple dedicated to Lord Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan where he is a blessing God having “Abhayahastham”. As per the history of the temple, the great King Nala of Puranic fame was relieved of the affliction of Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan after worshipping the Lord consecrated in this temple. Whoever visits this temple and prays before Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan is believed to have been relieved of all the curses and sufferings and get the blessings of Lord for a happy and prosperous life.

This Shivastalam is a vast temple shrine of great significance, especially in light of Lord Saneeswarar’s sannidhi here, which attracts thousands when the planet Lord Shaneeswara Bhagavan transits between zodiac signs which is called as (Sani Peyarchi). This happens once in two and a half years and is visited by hundreds of thousands of deities. The entire town wears a festive look as the deity Lord Saneeswarar is taken in a procession around town.

Lets all pray to gether and visit the holy place of Purification and Anandam( Happiness ) with our families and friends and the Lord will do his duty of blessing and taking us all to the path of mokcha .



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